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Workers' compensation cases are rarely cut and dry. Confusing loopholes and little-known aspects of workers' compensation law can make it difficult for you to know if you're getting the full payments you're owed. Bernard J Romani Attorney at Law will sit down with you to answer any of your questions in the Westfield, Palmer or Pittsfield, MA area.

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Common questions our clients ask

Your workers' comp attorney is your go-to resource for information on your specific case. Here are a few of the most common questions we're asked by clients:

Can the insurer just stop paying my benefits?

It depends on the circumstances. Sometimes if they are paying you without prejudice they can give you seven days' notice and terminate your benefits.

Can they stop my benefits if I don't go to an IME?

Yes, the law allows an insurer to have you examined by a doctor they choose. If you fail to go to that exam they can stop your benefits.

Does the insurer have to pay my medical bills?

An insurer can dispute whether the bills or treatment are related to the work injury, in which case they may not have to pay the provider's bill. You'll need to file a claim. The insurer under the law is only obligated to pay at DIA Board Rates but often will negotiate with your provider at a different rate.

When should I get an attorney involved in my case?

Because fees are set by statute, and if you prevail the insurer will have to pay those fees pursuant to the law, you should consult as soon as possible. Why? Because the workers' compensation act is complex and it is difficult for a lay person to know what will likely happen in your case. I bring thirty years of experience to the table.

Does a provider have to use utilization review?

All providers should submit a treatment plan to UR for approval, and it must appeal a negative response before a claim for medical benefits can be brought.

I was receiving checks but now I'm not. What happened?

Many things could result in not receiving checks, including:

  • The insurance company not handling your claim properly
  • Your failure to attend an IME or Impartial Exam
  • Your benefits exhausted under the statute and you need to file a new claim
  • The paid-without-prejudice period ended
  • The insurer sent you notice that it was terminating your benefits in seven days
You should consult with my office to figure out what can be done.

How long can I collect benefits?

It varies from person to person and depends upon many factors, including:

  • What your doctor or health care provider is saying about your injury
  • What a judge does at the conference or hearing
  • What an impartial doctor says about you following an examination
  • What action an insurer decides to take on your case

Due to the variety of circumstances you should consult with my office to find out what can be done to assist you.

Can you collect unemployment while on partial benefits?

The insurer can actually force you to apply for unemployment when on partial benefits, but there are reasons why that may not be a good idea. I recommend discussing this matter with me to put you in the best position given your circumstances.

Can I see my own doctor?

Yes, you can. But not all doctors accept workers' compensation. I definitely recommend going to one of your own choice versus an insurance company steering you to a provider that they like to use.