How Can Bernard J. Romani Help You?

How Can Bernard J. Romani Help You?

Hire an Experienced Social Security Disability & Workers' Compensation Attorney in Western Massachusetts

Offices in Westfield, Palmer & Pittsfield, MA

For over 30 years, Bernard J. Romani has worked hard on behalf of regular people in Westfield, Palmer and Pittsfield, MA who need expert help with social security disability, employment law or a workers compensation matter. Bringing a wide range of legal knowledge to the table, as well as dedication to communication and service, Bernard J. Romani, Attorney at Law can help put you in the best possible position to win your case or claim in western Massachusetts with offices in Westfield, Palmer or Pittsfield, MA. Call (413) 562-6576 to schedule a sit-down consultation today!

You will get a dedicated workers compensation and social security disability lawyer

Lots of attorneys claim to work in social security disability and workers compensation in Western Massachusetts but Bernard J. Romani is dedicated to it! He'll bring a depth of experience and savvy you won't get with a more general attorney.

You'll find understanding counsel

When it comes to a claim concerning your work injury and social security disability the case can feel extremely personal. Attorney Romani knows you will want someone to advocate for you and listen to you throughout the entire legal process.

He Will Help You Select the Best Options

Many cases take a long time and your disability may last longer than you wanted or hoped. It may be that other avenues may need to be taken and he give you advice to timing and what will be need to maximize any benefits you may be entitled to under the law.

Let Attorney Romani assist you and put you in a better winning position.Call Bernard J. Romani, Attorney at Law at (413) 562-6576 or send him a message to schedule your consultation ASAP!